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Southern Shaolin
Southern Shaolin Temple was built Yongding First year of Nan Dynasty (AD 557). It was ruined by fire in the movement of regain Mingˇ®s government power by Manchu soldiers.

The temple is locating right in the center of the basin of Lotus Mountain. It was found in the year 1998 when the government is carrying a general survey of the historical relic. On 25th April,1992, a conference was held to discuss the Southern Shaolin Temple Site and a news briefing on rebuilding the southern Shaolin Temple was also held. In the spring of 1998, Fujian Peopleˇ®s Government agreed to rebuild Putian Southern Shaolin Temple. 80 million RMB was invested to develop the first stage of the project. The project has already completed and been open to the public.

In the scenic spot of Southern Shaolin, there are natural landscapes such as Southern Shaolin Temple, Jiuhua Green,Purple Clouds and Spectacular Rocky Peak,Guandi Temple, as well as Nine Herds Ancestral Temple, Chengzhu Study, Jiuhua Mountain Cliff with seal characters of "Wormˇ®s Mannikinˇ®s Seal Character". Especially, there is the maritime goddesses Ms.Lin Mo. The three religions combiner Lin Zhaoen, national hero Lin Zexu, famous Neo-Confucianism Zhu xiˇ®s relics and stone engraving.

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