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Zunyi City


Chishui Scenic Area (Chishui Fengjingqu)

Situated in Chishui city in northwestern part of Guizhou province, the reserve is China¡®s first national reserve targeting the protection of the rare Polystachyous Aphanamixis, a plant that has been living since the Jurassic times, when the once mighty dinosaurs existed.

There are more than 40,000 species of Cyathea spinulosa in the reserve. Densely distributed, they have given many areas of the reserve a lush appeal, which is rare in many other parts of the country. As a result, the reserve is acclaimed as "the kingdom of the Cyathea spinulosa".

Because of the well-preserved plants and distinctive ecological system which features many characteristics of tropical forest in South Asia, it is dubbed "the enclave of South Asia" by some scholars. The Nature Reserve is a perfect educational and research base for paleontology, geography, climatology and environmental sciences. It is also a perfect tourist destination.


Shizhangdong Waterfalls
Sidong Creek
Ancient Town of Bing¡¯an
Moon Lake
China Jurassic Park
Zhuhai (Bamboo Sea) National Forest Park

Communist History Sites

The most celebrated communist history site is the Zunyi Conference Site (Zunyi Huiyi Huizhi) set within an old colonial ¨C style house.The rooms are filled with CCP memorabilia as well as the meeting rooms and living quarters of the bigwigs.

The entrance fee includes admission to the other sites in town including the Red Army General Political Department (Hongjun Zongzhengzhibu).The exhibition here is much more informative and there are interesting displays of photos and maps of the Long March and Zunyi Conference, some with English captions.

Opposite is the Residence of Bo Gu, the general leader of the CCP Central Committee at the time of the Zunyi Conference, and the former home of the State Bank of the Red Army (Huiyi Qijian),now a bank.


Also worth a visit are Zunyi¡¯s two active Buddhist temples.Buddhist temples. Built in the 1920s,Xiangshan Temple is situated on a small hill in a lively part of town. It is the largest temple  in Zunyi. It remains an active temple with worshippers in attendance. The road leading to the temple is a crowded market street thronging with food and fruit vendors, fortune tellers and incense sellers.

Baiyun Temple is more run ¨C down but still quite charming.

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