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Haikou city--the capital of hainan province

HAIKOU City is very much the product of its strategic gateway location at the mouth of the Nandu River on Hainan Island”®s northern coast. First opened as a trading port in the late Qing Dynasty, Haikou today remains a busy commercial hub and is frequently viewed as part of the Greater Haikou Area made up of Haikou and Qiongshan cities and their surrounding districts.
Rich in tradition and alive with its own distinctive culture, Haikou, or the "city of coconut palms", is truly a "must-see" destination. Of particular note are the six-km-long Holiday Beach, world-class hotels and wide array of excellent restaurants offering up seemingly endless choices in local, regional and international cuisine. Also on tap are great shopping and inviting nightlife..


Situated at the northern edge of Hainan Island looking out on the South China Sea, Haikou City is located 18 nautical miles south of Leizhou Peninsula in China”®s southern Guangdong Province across the Qiongzhou Strait. Haikou is made up of three county-level districts, has a total area of about 250 sq km, a population of about 650,000 and is adjacent to Qiongshan City to the southeast and adjoins Chengmai County to the west.


Because of its location on an island at the northern rim of the tropics, Haikou benefits from a monsoon tropical climate. Average temperatures range from 17.2”ć C in January to 28.4”ć C in July. Average annual sunlight in Haikou is about 2,600 hours, while average annual rainfall is about 1,300 mm. Visitors to the city can expect pleasant conditions and clear skies most of the year.


Although it is not known exactly how long people have lived in the area, it is generally believed that the first inhabitants arrived between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. Recorded history begins in the early Han Dynasty about 100 BC when Haikou and its surrounding district became part of Daimao County of Zhuya Prefecture. Haikou City was opened as an open trading port in the late Qing Dynasty and continued to benefit from its role as the island”®s commercial center and gateway with steady long-term growth. Haikou was proclaimed a city in 1926 and a capital city in 1988 when Hainan was established as a province. Haikou experienced accelerated growth when Hainan was proclaimed China”®s largest Special Economic Zone in 1988.

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