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Heilongjiang province
Heilongjiang is called Hei for short, with Harbin as its provincial capital. With expanse of flatland and wide areas of fertile black soil, it is one of Chinaˇ®s major commodity grain growers. Named after its largest river, its land area includes the countryˇ®s largest oil reserve.

Heilongjiang is one of principal areas of land reclamation and cultivation in China. Its main crops include wheat, soybeans, beet, flax and sunflower which all occupy a significant position in China. It is abundant in forest and land resources and its soil is fertile. Among minerals, coal, petroleum, gold, and graphite all hold key positions in China. Heilongjiang is also Chinaˇ®s most important base of forestry, ranking No.1 in both timber reserve and production. The Greater and Lesser Hinggan Mountains are its major forest area.

The main industries comprise machine building, coal, petroleum and timber processing, in addition to papermaking, beet-sugar refinery, petrochemicals, flax-textiles, power-generating equipment, industrial boilers, etc. Harbin, Qiqihaer, Jiamusi and Mudanjiang are its major industrial centers. Daqing is one of Chinaˇ®s most important bases of petroleum industry.

Heilongjiang Province is blessed with a variety of unique tourist attractions, including the Wudalian Pond, an internationally known natural volcanic park; the Jingbo Lake, Chinaˇ®s largest alpine dammed lake; the vast Xingkai Lake stretching over China and Russia; the Manchurian Crane Sanctuary, well known inside and outside of China; a beautiful, scenic forest under a volcanic crater; and the Polar Village, where the mysterious aurora borealis can be observed. Harbinˇ®s annual Snow Festival adds charm to the beautiful northern landscape with the perfect harmony of its natural ice and snow scenery and the exquisite man-made ice sculptures.

The boundless great plain, the magnificent forests, snow-bound mountains, countless precious wild animals like swan red-crowned crane, Northeast Tiger, and Northeast Leopard as well as the unique local culture are attracting thousands of tourists home and abroad.

Harbin The capital of Heilongjiang Province, the northernmost province in China, Harbin developed rapidly during the early-mid 20th century thanks to the construction of the Trans-Siberian Express Railroad. Located on the Songhuajiang River, Harbin became a major trading outpost for domestic trade and international trade with Russia. This Russian influence can be seen in many of the buildings and churches around the town, and there are more Russian speakers in Harbin than English speakers in the city.

As the century progressed new industries developed in Harbin, and it has become well known in China for production of linen and medicines.

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