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Songshan Mountain
Zhongyue Songshan Mountain Scenic Area  

Songshan Mountain, known for its beauty and steepness, is located in Dengfeng County of Henan Province. With a range of 60 kilometers from west to east, it consists of Taishi and Shaoshi Mountains. As a produce of the lithosphere rising 2 million years ago, Songshan Mountain enjoys a growing attraction as time goes by, favored by the nature with sculptures made by the wind and the rain. Xu Xiake, a widely-known geographer in the Ming Dynasty called it ˇ°Peculiar Scenery under the sunˇ±.

Out of the effect of many severe crust movements of the earth, the geological structure of the Songshan area is very complex, forming various kinds of geological views. Strata of five eras since the Archaeozoic to the Cenozoic are well kept as witnesses of the tremendous changes the central plain has experienced in more than 3 billion years. They are ideal for geological structure study and geological sightseeing as well, laurelled by geographers as the natural geological museum with ˇ°5 generations of landforms togetherˇ±.

Songshan is a mountain of a long history with numerous spots of interests and historic sites. Located at the root of the Huanggai Peak of the Taishi Mountain, Zhongyue Temple, also called the ˇ°Taishi Templeˇ± which was first built in the Qin Dynasty (221 B.C ¨C 206 B.C.), was a shrine to offer sacrifices to the god of the Taishi Mountain. In 110 B.C., Emperor Hanwudi of the Han Dynasty came to the temple to offer sacrifices on his way of praying to gods. Arriving at the peak, he suddenly heard the mountains cheering him with ˇ°Long Live Your Majesty!ˇ± Out of great excitement, Wudi Emperor ordered to expand the building of Taishi Temple and conferred names such as the Majesty Peak, the Majesty Pavilion and the Majesty Palace there. Lying in the central China, Songshan Mountain is also called Zhongyue, literally the Middle Saint Mountain, and is regarded as the dwelling of the god of Zhongyue. Therefore, to pray for the stability of the nation, emperors of all generations came here to offer sacrifices.

Visiting the Songshan Mountain, the natural museum of history, tourists will broaden their horizon in history and culture as well as enjoy the remarkable natural beauties.

Name:Zhongyue Songshan Mountain Scenic Area

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