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Zhangjiaie is located in the northwest of Hunan Province ,about 400 km away from Changsha .Composed of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park ,the Tianzi Mountain and the Suoxi Valley ,the scimic area has a total area of 369 square km .

It is a scenic area made up of sandstone from the primitive ecological system and the forest coverage rate reaches 97.7 percent.

In 1992 ,it was inscribed in the World National Heritage by UNESCO .Major scenic spotes are the Huangshizhai ,the Jinbian Brook ,the Tianzi Mountain ,the Huanglong Cave ,the Baofeng Lake and the Maoyan River etc .

Chinese gooseberry juice ,Tujia weaving cloth ,Tujia sticking picture ,Tortoise shell-like stone carving.

Attraction recommendation  

Wulingyuan Scenic Area

It is located as Green Pearl in this area .There are thousands of hills rising above the ground with great and grand vigor .Arduous hills ,clean water ,white sand conduit ,brook ,overhanging cliff and waterfall meet here .You can fully enjoy the beautiful sceneries here.

Suoxi Valley Scenic Spot

It has a fleet and clean river on-flowing with the width the width of 6 meters and length of 5 km .Suoxi Valley Scenic Spot is named as ¡°Ten-mile Gallery¡± ,with looks like outdoor sculpture showroom .Along two sides of the river ,there display many great hills and cliffs .

Baofeng Lake

It is located on the peak of the mountain .Visitors to the lake shall climb 333 steps in total chiseled on the stone wall .Small green hills are rising around the lake ,enhancing each other¡¯s color with the green island in the lake in picturesque disorder.

Tianzi Mountain Scenic Spot

It has more beauty the you can take in .You can see a small sight in three steps and a big sight in five steps .Their strangeness and steepness will daze you .With the altitude of 1.3km ,the peak reaches to the sky like a sharp sword to chase cloud and wind.

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