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Changsha City proper located in the east of Hunan and lower reaches of Xiangjiang River ,covers the area of 556 km2 with the population of 1.99 million . Changsha ,capital of Hunan Province and the famous historic city of China ,features historic sites of travel resources with more than twenty main tourist attractions including Yuemu Academy ,Mawangdui Tombs of Han Dynasty ,Zoumalou bamboo books of Wu Kingdom of the Three Kingdoms and Xiang Embroidery Academy ,etc.


Special local products Xiang embroidery ,Liuyang chrysanthemum stone ,Liuyang fireworks ,Lushan green tea ,Huogongdian snacks .

Attraction recommendation  

Yuelu Mountain Scenic Resorts and Historic Sites

composed of five scenic areas and two independent sites of Ruins .Mountain with the altitude of 297 meters is the tail peak of the 72 peaks of Mt .Hengshan in south ,one of the five great mountains of China ,and noted for its emerald green ,gracefulness ,loftiness and serenity .Furthermore ,it boasts a great many charming sceneries of humanities and cultural treasures and the greats feature of the coexistence of Confucianism ,Buddhism and Taoism.

Notes attractions

Aiwan Pavilion ,Yunlu Taoist Temple ,Lushan Temple ,Yuelu Academy ,King Yu Stele ,Crane Fountain ,Tomb of Huang Xing ,Tomb of Cai E ,etc .

ianxin Park

Located in the southeast of the city proper and named after the noted old Tianxin Pavilion .The park is beautiful with verdant trees ,singing birds and fragrant flowers .After the rebuilding in 1983 and the adding of two verandas in both sides ,the pavilion becomes grander .You can overlook the landscape of the city to the greatest extent in the pavilion .

Dawei Mountain National Forest Park

Located in the juncture of Hunan and Jiangxi in the northeast of Liuyang City ,150 km distant to Changsha City and 84 km to Liuyang city town .The area is diversified by hills and mountains and winds for over 100 km with the altitude of more than 800m generally .The beautiful Liuyang River originates from the Tianxin Lake in the little plain between mountains .

Orange Island

Located in the Xiangjiang River in the west of the city town .It is 5km long and 0.4km at the widest ,so it is also called the Long Island .The island is beautiful with green willows ,frangrant flowers ,orange trees and surging waves ,around and boasts the superior tourist resort and the natural swimming pool .Mao Zedong often swam here with schoolmates during his youth .The island is now the Orange Island Park .

unan Provincial Museum

Located in the riverside of Liuyang River ,covering an area of 54,000 m2 .It features the collection of rich and fine local revolutionary data ,bronze vessels of Shang and Zhou Dynasties and wooden vessels of Chu Kingdom ,etc .After the unearthing of the large-size Mawangdui Tombs of Western Han Tombs in 1972 ,a house for cultural relics of 4000m2 has been built in the museum ,exhibiting the cultural treasure and well preserved female mummy untombed  

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