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Jinggang Mountain
Mt.Jinggang situated in the middle of Luoxiao Mountain Range on the border of Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces, is the cradle of Chinese Revolution and an excellent tourism city in China .It has a revolutionary epic left behind, and its beautiful landscape has been famous both at home and abroad. There are two treasures in Jinggang Mt.: one is the Red revolutionary history and the other is the green mountains and forests.¡± Red and green colors make it a special place for sightseeing in China.
Jinggangsan Mt. has a glorious revolutionary history. In Oct.1927, senior proletarian revolutionists such as Mao Zedong and Zhu De set up here the first Rural Revolutionary Base and Opened up a revolution army road with Chinese Characteristics. It is called ¡°country besieges cities and Seizing regime with armed forces¡±. A precious spiritual treasure has been left for later generations , and that is Jingganshan Spirit. Nowadays, footprints of the Red army, houses and relics during the revolution have been well kept, and they have recorded the real fighting scenes at that time.
Jinggangshan Mt. has marvelous natural beauty . The total area for sightseeing is 261.43 square kilometers. Here ,we can find grand mountains, thick forests, clear creek ,beautiful waterfalls, green bamboo and red azalea everywhere . Within this area, there are 11 large districts, 76  scenic spots and 470 sights. The main types are ridges and peaks, Mountain rocks, waterfalls , climates, Karst caves, hot springs, precious and rare plants and animals, as well as rurality in the high mountains. Among the mountains and forests, azalea becomes a sea of flowers in the spring ; waterfalls bring you into a cool world. In recent years, tourism has witnessed a great development in Jinggangshan Mt. The ¡°Red journey series¡±, includes visiting revolutionary traditions and habits, looking for footprints of the Greats. Sightseeing on vacation includes exploration tourism or virgin forests. Snow enjoying of ¡°land in the north but sky in the south ¡±.Also enjoy azalea, drifting and cliff-climbing adventures , boating in the lake at high mountain , Hakka folk customs, etc. Many programs will give you endless enjoyment and you will never want to leave here., There is a saying, which says¡°After climbing down Jingganshan Mt., People would never like to travel in any other mountains¡±!

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