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Changchun:capital city
Changchun is a young city with a long history. There were human activities here as early as 70,000 years ago and the earliest primitive hordes inhabited the area some 7,000 years ago. It was the possession of the "Fuyuguo" kingdom and the Bohaiyuan Kingdom successively. The years under the reign of the Liao (907-1125) and Jin (1115-1234) dynasties are considered the most prosperous periods in the history of Changchun. The Prefecture of "Huanglongfu" was established in the area of Nongan and an ancient pagoda built in the Liao Dynasty still exists. In 18000, the court of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), established in today¡®s Xinlicheng, the Changchun Ting-an administrative division at the sub-provincial level. In the period 1931-1945, Changchun was reduced to the capital of the puppet Manchukuo regime, called "Xinjing" -the new capital.

In October 1948, Changchun was liberated and designated as a special city. In 1954, it was made the capital of Jilin Province. In 1955, it became a municipality directly under the central government. In 1979, it was listed as one of the country¡®s 15 central economic cities. In 1989, it was approved as one of the municipalities with independent budgetary status by the State Council. In 1992, it was designated as a key open city. In 1994, it was listed as a city enjoying sub-provincial status.

Changchun has a long history and a modernized civilization.


Changchun, a transitional area situated between the east humid mountainous region and the west dry plain, has a continental semi-humid monsoon climate of a temperate region. The winter is long, cold and dry, with an average temperature of -16.3 degrees centigrade in January and a snow depth up to 22 cm. The spring and autumn are short and the weather changes all the time. The summer is warm and humid. Its annual precipitation is in the range between 522 and 615 mm, with 60% falling in summer. The average temperature in July is 23 degrees centigrade. The four distinctive seasons make Changchun a pleasant city where visitors can enjoy beautiful sunshine in spring, green leaves in summer, fruits in autumn and ice and snow in winter.

Natural Ecological Environment

Changchun is located in the Northeast China Plain of the middle latitudes area of the North Hemisphere and east Eurasia. It is situated at the foot of mountains and by the side of streams, and most of the plain are tablelands. It has a continental semi-humid monsoon climate of a temperate region. Eight rivers, including the second Songhua River, Yinma River and Yitong River, flow across the city. It has more than 300 species of plants and 34 species of wild animals. It is a transition area from forest to plain. As its vast land teems with corn, it is called "golden corn belt".


Changchun is an important city in terms of science, technology and culture in China. It has 27 full-time colleges and universities, 103 independent scientific research and technological development institutions, 15 state key and open laboratories, and 336,000 technological personnel in a wide range of fields. It ranks first in the country in the proportion of scientific and technological personnel in its population. It holds a safe lead in the study of optical electronics, precision instruments, laser technology, high polymer materials, bioengineering and automobile technology.

Changchun Film Studio is the cradle of the film undertaking of New China and the country¡®s largest and comprehensive film producing base. Changchun has hosted four national film festivals since 1992, making a positive contribution to the prosperity of the national film industry.

Ji Opera and Errenzhuan (a song-and-dance duet), are especially popular in Changchun. The melodious tune and lively forms are well received by local people and tourists.

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