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Liaoning province
liaoning covers an area of 145,900 square kilometers and has a population of 40.41 million. It is located in the southern part of China¡®s Northeast. Bordering on the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea in the south and the Korean Peninsula in the east and facing Japan to its southeast.

A heavy industrial base from the 1950s, Liaoning has a solid industrial foundation abundant natural resources. It is one of the comparatively well-developed coastal areas in northern China that are opened to the world. It produces corn, rice, soybeans, apples, prawns, abalones and kelp. Its principal minerals include coal, petroleum, iron ore, diamonds, etc.

Through its history, the province has been strongly influenced by minority groups. As early as the 10th century, the Qidan people invaded this region and established the Liao Dynasty. Two centuries later, Mongolians poured in and later founded the Yuan Dynasty.

During the Ming Dynasty, Han immigration from the south was required to reinforce the central administration. But the re-emergent Manchus overcame this and later founded China¡®s last feudal empire.

At the end of the 19th century, Russian came and built the South Manchurian Railway to facilitate the transport of raw materials of heavy industry output. With defeat in the Russo-Japanese War, the Russians reluctantly retreated and the Japanese dominated this province and most of Northeast China until being run out by a coalition of Chinese forces.

The Communists controlled Liaoning after 1948, using the heavy-industry base to play a critical role in the stabilization of the newly-founded regime. Now Liaoning is open to visitors and businesses to come experience Northeast China¡®s hospitality and culture at it¡®s best.

Shenyang is located in the central area of northeastern Asia , and is the central city of northeastern China . Early in 7,200 years ago, the predecessors of Shenyang had lived on this land. Long-standing history created brilliant culture and left the ancient Xinle Relics, Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty, imperial mausoleum, and many other famous resorts. Shenyang has become a well-known historic & cultural city.

At present, the municipal government is leading people of the entire city to constantly explore functions of city. It makes Shenyang, a super large city in China, become well-known at home and abroad for its advanced economy, culture, science & technology, commerce & trade, finance and transportation hub and solid industrial basis. Exclusive geological advantage makes it the core of middle city group of Liaoning and economic regions. Advantage in resources, talented people, science and technology helps the ancient city regain its vigor. Constructors of Shenyang are building a vigorous city for the 21st century.

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