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Shenyang:capital city
        Shenyang is located to the north of Hun River (named Shen Shui River in the ancient time), and the ancient Chinese traditionally called the north of a river "yang". So the city got its name as Shenyang. Shenyang is an ancient city with a long history. Back to more than 7,200 years ago, ancestors of the mankind lived and multiplied on this beautiful land. It was subordinate to Yingzhou before Zhou Dynasty (about the 11th century B.C.), subordinate to Liaodong County during the Period of Warring States (475-221 B.C.), to Hou City in the Western Han Dynasty (206-24 B.C.). Shenzhou was set up in Liao Dynastry (960-1127), surrounded by earthen walls. This was the start of the city of Shenyang. The city continued to use the name Shenyang in Jin Dynastry (1127-1279). And in Yuan Dynastry, the city was rebuilt and renamed Shenyang Lu. In 1625, Nurhach, the Tai Zu Emperor of Qing Dynasty, transferred its capital from Liaoyang to Shenyang, and in 1634, Huang Tai Ji, Tai Zong Emperor of Qing Dynasty worshipped Shenyang as Shengjing, and it became the capital of Qing Dynasty. In 1644, after the capital was moved to Beijing in Qing Dynasty, Shenyang became an accompanying capital. After Qing united the whole China, in 1657, it set up Fengtian Government in Shenyang. In 1945, the city recovered its name-Shenyang.


      It belongs to Temperate Zone Semi-humid Continental Climate in Shenyang area, strongly influenced by monsoon. There are sharp distinctions among the four seasons. The golden tourist season stretches from April to October each year.

     Touring in Shenyang in spring and autumn, you only need light clothes (such as jacket, sweater and suit). And it is rather hot in summer, so T-shirt is OK. Compared with the southern part of China, it is cold and dry in winter in Shenyang, so you should bring with you down jacket or cotton coat. It would be a good idea to bring with you rain ears in spring, summer and the period when summer gives place to autumn.

Natural Ecological Environment

       Shenyang has a forest area of 147,000 hectares, a meadow area of 82,400 hectares, a total water resource volume of 3.26 billion cubic meters per year, and a water area of 13,700 hectares. In the surrounding area of Shenyang, there are scenic Huishan Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain and rivers with rippling green waves, such as Hun River, Liao River, North Sha River, Xinkai River and South Canal, etc.


       The cultural art in Shenyang is prosperous, and the literature creation and artistic performances are blooming day-by-day. There have been new achievements in cultural facilities construction and the mass cultural life is enriched day by day. 22 cultural plazas have been built and come into use. The cultural network of towns and streets in Shenyang is improving day by day. In the whole city, there are 15 mass art houses and culture houses, 2 museums, 19 public libraries, 1 archive establishment. 7 art performing organizations, 1 city-level radio station and 1 city-level TV station. And now, the pro-portion of people receiving radio in the whole city is 97.22%, and the proportion of people receiving TV programs is 98%. And for the whole year, there are also outstanding achievements made in media publishing work.

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