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China Tour Overview


China has been unified for some 3000 years though there has been a frequent alternation of its powers. A Chinese does not only means a member of Han Nationality, the majority of its population, but also refers to a Tibet, a Mongolian, a Manchu and any one of all its 56 nationalities, who inhabit pasturing grasslands, farming plains and mountainous areas from the far west averagely 4,500 meters high to the east end coast leveled at zero.

A foreign tourist may wonder how the largest population in the world has been centralized so long or he/she may be interested in the diversity of lifestyles in China . Dreams Travel takes their clients into the depth of different cultures to see the great traditions and religions.

Ancient Chinese created their glyph system well-connectedly with the idea of organization. For instance, the character of a human being means one has to rely on the other, “obey” is illustrated in the way one follows the other and three the same characters are elaborately put together to stand for people, which  depicts people’s organization. Organized well for century after century Chinese have their values of the family, the friend, the relative, the workmate, the neighborhood, the community, the home place and the country. Their brilliant cultures comport with their ethic, philosophy, art, literature and everything from a custom to a kind of food.

Religions greatly affect Chinese. Temples of Daoism and Confucianism Monasteries of Buddhism, Churches of Christianity and Mosques of Moslem are found here and there all over China . Dreams Travel offers special programs to tourists and pilgrims, either for sightseeing or pilgrimage.

As the third largest country China satisfies nearly all need of a tourist: a modern metropolis with pioneering fashion, an ancient town with historic relics, a ski resort, a sunshine beach, a river cruise, an alpine trekking and so on. From the summit of a high peak like Mt Everest to an isle in South China Sea, from Great Namjaqbarva Canyon to lush Mongolian Pasture, from Taklmakan Desert to Huabei Plain, travelers with Dreams Travel have left, are leaving and will leave their footprints everywhere in China, or Zhongguo called in Chinese, which means Central Country, covering an area of 9,600,000 square kilometers.