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  The Northern Route of the Silk Road Tour xinjiang China
The classic journey through China in the footsteps of Marco Polo, from the Pamir to Kashgar,across Xinjiang to Xi'an and Beijing. For thousands of years the Silk Road was plied by merchants and camel caravans seeking the riches to be found in far-off China. It was a hard ,dangerous and often fatal route ,first chronicled in the writings of Marco Polo .If today the danger has largely gone, this journey through the Pamir and across the desert and mountains of Xinjiang still remains its fascination and historic interests. Silk Road, an ancient business route connected the Chinese civilization with the central Asia and Europe and North Africa , which is so famous in the history for the function it took .The route make your dream came true that you will have the feelings and the changes of times and beautiful nature scenery .By doing this , you find a shortcut to look into the long history and great culture . We provide you few ways to travel , one is the North Silk Road , the other is South Silk Road .
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Day by day itinerary
Day 1:Hami-Barkol
Starting from Hami one goes north passing through the Tianshan Mountains to Barkol (called Pulie Kingdom during the Han Dynasty),a strategic town on the Northern Route.Stay the night at the hostel of the county seat.
Day 2:Barkol-Qitaiand
Visit the Baishitou Scenic Area and Barkol Lake,and enjoy sand sliding on Mingsha Hill.Then continue the journey to Qitaiand stay at Qitai Hostel.Along the way to Qitai one can see from time to time ancient beacon towers by the roadside.
Day 3:Qitaiand
Going northward to Jiangjun (General)Desert one sees plant and dinosaur fossils dating back to one hundred million years ago.Return to Qitai in the evening.
Day 4:Qitaiand-Jimsar
Arrive at Jimsar and visit the site of Beiting City,Beiting Temple and Wucaiwan where one finds various wind-eroded landforms.If you'are lucky,you will see mirages in the desert on the way.Return to Jimsar and stay at the county hostel.
Day 5:Jimsar-Urumqi
Arrive at the Tianshan Mountains Sccenic Area in Fukang from Jimssar.Stay at Holiday Inn  Urumqi or other hotels after arriving in Urumqi before dinner.
Day 6 and Day 7:Urumqi city tour
Sightsee in the city and visit other scenic spots in its vicinity
Day 8:Urumqi-Shihezi
Ride to Hutubi County to see rock pictures of primitive reproduction worship at Kangjiashimenzi in the depth of the Tianshan Mountains.Continue the trip to Shihezi--a new city of farming and land-reclamation--by dinner time.Stay at Shihezi Guesthouse which boasts fairly good facilities.
Day 9:Shihezi-Kuitun
Go west from Shihezi to Kuitun City.Lunch is arranged at Jinghe Guesthouse. in the afternoon visit Tarim Lake Scenic Area.Stay at Grassland Guesthouse.
Day 10:Kuitun-Yining
Continue to go west from Tarim Lake,passing the beautiful Guozi Gyully and arrive at Korgas border check-point --- the entrance to Kazakstan.The border here has been opened to travellers from a third country with a valid vissa.After lunch,visit the city if Yining,an important town in the westernmost of China 50 kilometers southeast of Korgas.The visitor has many options for accommodation in the city.
Day 11:Yining
Turuk Timurkhan Mazar,Bell Tower of Huiyuan ancient city and the site of the Mansion of Yili General are worthy a visit at the tourist spots near Yining.
Day 12:Yining-Alimali-Yining
About 90 kilometers northwest of Yining the visitor finds the site of Alimali,a famous city during the Song and Yuan dynasties,and later the capital of the Mongol Qahatai Khan Kingdom.Ruins of city walls still stand there.On the way back to Yining,one can stop to visit the mysterious Huolong (Fivve Dragon) Cave.
Day 13:Yining fly to Urumqi
There are daily flights from Yining to Urumqi.A one-hour flight will bring you to Uumqi from Yining and that's the end of your Northern Route Tour.Xinjiang is a vast region with rich tourist resources.However,the routes are very long.It is a common thing to cover 100 kilometers a day.Any of the three routes needs more than 10 days for only a cursory tour.This is different from any tour in other parts of the county,Because of the changeable climate in Xinjiang,even if you go there in summer,you should bring extra clothing

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