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Hanzhong ( H¨¤nzh¨­ng) is a city in Shaanxi province, in central China. The population in 2004 was approximately 3.7 million.


The city was formerly called Nanzheng. It formed the center of the Han Principality. The latter was assigned to Liu Bang by Xiang Yu after the fall of Qin, during the 18 Kingdoms interregnum preceding the establishment of the Han Empire by Liu. During the Three Kingdoms Period Hanzhong, as a border city between the kingdoms of Wei and Shu, had considerable strategic importance, but only from the Wei side of the city.


--Ancient Baoxie Plank Road, also called Baoxie Road or Daogu. It stretches for 120 km from Baocheng County of Hanzhong City in the south to Xieyu Pass in Meixian County in the north.
--Baijiang Platform
--Ancient Hutou Bridge

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