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Shaanxi province
Shaanxi is called Shaan for short, with XiĄŽan as the provincial capital. In the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the eastern part of northwest China, Shaanxi is one of the cradles of the Chinese nation. Lantian Man of 800,000 years ago and Dali Man of 200,000 years ago all lived in this area. XiĄŽan was also the capital of 13 dynasties from the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century -771BC) to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). During the Tang period, ChangĄŽan (present-day XiĄŽan) was an international metropolis, attracting many scholars from Japan, western Asian and Europe. It was officially named as Shaanxi in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Shaanxi has well developed agriculture and stockbreeding. In agriculture, the main products are wheat, cotton, silk cocoon, and tobacco, while flax is the important cash crop. The main industries include coal, machinery, textile, electronics and chemistry, etc. The coal reserve here is among the top in the country.

Shaanxi Province is one of the central areas of ancient civilization of China. It abounds in places of historic interest and scenic beauty, including The Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor in ancient times, the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC), tomb figures of terra-cotta warriors and horses, the Great Wall, XiĄŽan City Wall, Forest of Steles, the Tower of Big Goose, the Banpo Museum, Huashan Mountain, Zhongnan Mountain, Taibai Mountain, and the Hukou Waterfall, etc.

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