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Yan`an City
Located on the Loess Plateau in North Shaanxi, Yanˇ®an is a famous tourist destination in that region. Its combination of a long history, distinctive culture and a large variety of historical sites and cultural relics provides visitors with the opportunity to see a typical North Shaanxi city with its appealing folk customs.

The tourist attractions in Yanˇ®an largely fall within the following four categories:

Yanˇ®an is recognized as a place changing the destiny of China as during the war times. Before the founding of New China, it used to be the citadel of the CCP for 13 years and consequently has many revolutionary sites and martyrsˇ® cemeteries. There are many sites in the urban area of Yanˇ®an including Wangjiaping Site, Yanˇ®an Revolutionary Memorial Museum, Site of the Former Offices of the CCP Central Committee - Yangjialing, Date Garden - site of the CCP Secretariat, Fenghuang Hill Site, Memorial Hall for Journalism and Publication, etc. To the north is the Wayaobao Site while to the south is the famous Nanniwan. In addition, the northwest Wuqi County boasts that it was the site where, in 1935, the Chinese Red Army ended the Long March.

Yanˇ®an has many historical sites and ancient constructions. It claims to be the birthplace of the Chinese Nation manifested by Huangdi Mausoleum about 170 kilometers (about 106 miles) south of Yanˇ®an. The mausoleum is a memorial to the legendary Huangdi who is considered to be the Chinese first ancestor. You can go there by bus at Yanˇ®an Long-Distance Bus Station on Dongguan Street in the city center. The buses depart every half an hour between 6:50 and 17:20. Or you can hire a car to go there. Generally, the fare is CNY 1 per kilometer and you can negotiate the price with the driver. There are also other attractions such as the Tang Dynasty Wanfeng Pagoda and Fuxian Pagoda to the north of the Huangdi Mausoleum, the Dugong Memorial Temple in the city center and the Zhongshan Grottoes in the north Zichang County.

In recent years, the folk customs and distinctive culture of the Loess Plateau have drawn tourists to Yanˇ®an. The special cave dwellings of Yanˇ®an and various folk art forms have attracted growing numbers of visitors. Consequently, the Yanˇ®an Folk Culture Village, the Ansai Culture and Antiques Museum and the Luochuan Folk Museum become popular among tourists.

Natural scenery is another important tourist attraction for visitors to Yanˇ®an. The magnificent Hukou Waterfalls of the Yellow River on the east border of Yanˇ®an is a must-see during your trip. The only daily tourist bus bound for Hukou Waterfalls departs from Yanˇ®an South Bus Station about 400 meters (about 1300 feet) north of the railway station at 6:50 in the morning. The fare is CNY 26 per person and the whole journey takes you about four hours. The bus will stay at the scenic spot for two hours before returning. Hired car is also a good choice when traveling there about 180 kilometers (about 112 miles) from Yanˇ®an City. Other scenic spots including the Pagoda Hill, the Fenghuang Hill, the Qingliang Hill, and the Wanhua Hill which boasts Chinaˇ®s largest group of wild peonies as well as various forest parks will all provide tourists with good places for relaxation.

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