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Guide of Mt.Emei
Mt.Emei lies in the southwestern area of Sichuan basin in China. Its main peak is called as the Golden Summit while the highest peak, the Wanfoding Summit is 3099 meters above the sea level. As the famous scenic spot and the Buddhist mountain in China, UNESCO inscribed Mt.Emei in the World Natural Heritage List in 1996.
Mt.emei is blessed with clouds Sea, Sunrise, Buddhist halos, Saint Lamps -- these four great spectacles. The central clustering ridges and peaks, wreathed with thin mist, jade green, spurting waterfalls, twittering bird, and the fragrance of flowers, give Mt.Emei the reputation of our country¡¯s famous scenic spot for tourists. Furthermore, the site also contains ancient Buddhist temples, thus Mt.Emei is one of four famous Buddhist Mountains in China, and known as the place of Buddhist Rites of Puxian (Samantabhadra bodhisattva). Generally speaking, there are some beautiful titles of Mt.Emei, such as Kingdom of Plants, Paradise of Animals, Geological Museum, and the Buddhist world.

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