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Alishan (Mt. Ali) Scenic Area,Taiwan,China
Alishan, the most popular mountain resort in Taiwan, is a branch of the Yushan Mountain Range, Taiwanˇ®s highest mountain. Alishan is famous for its significant views of sunrise and mountain railway,thus goes the saying; "Those who havenˇ®t been to Alishan can not know the beauty of Taiwan."

The alpine railway, built by Japanese in 1912 at 2,190 meters altitude, is one of the three high mountain railways in the world. Due to the different altitude, the train passes through tropical, subtropical and temperate zones in a distance of 72 km, offering you distinct views and experiences.

Alishan Scenic Area is famous for its five picturesque spots, namely the mountain train, the forest, clouds, sunrise and sunset. Among these spots, the Three Generation Tree is just like a symbol of Alishan.

Regarded as a sacred tree, the Three Generation Tree has withered and sprouted for three times. Currently, the first and second generation trunks have died but the third generation is still sprouting.

For the Alishan sunrise, Chushan is the best place to go. Visitors can go to Chushan by train or walk along the stone steps near the Post Office for 3 km, passing through the forest. The walk will take about 40 minutes.

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